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Strategic Assessment and Planning

With broad practical experience and deep knowledge of DoD, Joint, and service-level strategic and operational planning requirements our team is adept at both assessments of existing plans and formulation of new ones to meet national aims or operational objectives.   During the planning process, we will identify key issues, opportunities, and threats; assess current and future demands; determine strengths and weaknesses; and synthesize data to formulate a comprehensive approach to achieve our client’s requirements.

International Defense and Security Sector Reform

Informed by varied assignments in the defense and security sector and high-level work with international partners and allies, our team is well-versed in the operational roles and objectives of both the military and civilian defense sector institutions.  Our team has practical experience identifying priorities, reforms, and implementation plans consistent with existing policies, political factors, and financial constraints.  Our efforts to develop actionable security sector reform solutions are informed by the concept of human security and seek to strengthen governance and ensure civil input into policymaking.

Security Cooperation and Assistance

Our Team’s deep knowledge of both DoD and DoS requirements and practices and practical experience managing US Security Cooperation activities abroad, makes LeoStrat well-qualified for design or enhancement of Security Cooperation programs to further national security and foreign policy objectives.  Our appreciation of the way Security Cooperation programs are integrated with other instruments of national power informs development of viable approaches to meet the client’s desired goals.

Strategic Communication

Our Team has deep experience supporting the executive communication efforts of senior officials and are adept at developing and executing strategic communications plans at the major organizational level.  LeoStrat delivers anticipatory, responsive, and results-based communication solutions integrated across the enterprise.  Plans are predicated on an understanding of the organization and assessment of goals; objectives; audiences; channels and activities; messages, themes, and materials; timeline; and evaluation measures. 

Client Relationship Management

LeoStrat is deeply committed to understanding both our clients and their requirements.  Our Managing Partners are personally involved in every aspect of the business and focused primarily on persistent client engagement, enterprise-wide collaboration, resource integration, and quality control.  Our leadership team works together to ensure that objectives are met on time, queries are responded to promptly, and every product meets the very highest standard of quality.

Policy Analysis and Formulation

Our capacity for rigorous analytical assessments, thorough evaluations, and the formulation of cogent recommendations to meet policy objectives is a proven commodity.  Our approach employs both qualitative and quantitative methods to define the problem and evaluation criteria; identify and evaluate alternatives; and recommend a tailored policy solution.  Our Managing Partners’ and Senior Advisors’ varied experiences on senior DoD, Joint, service-level staffs and with interagency and international partners provides familiarity to the different policy tools that can be applied to help formulate policies and provide a pathway to implementation.

Military Transformation

Our Managing Partners and Senior Advisors have direct and varied experience in US, alliance, and international military transformation.  Our methodology is built on thorough requirement definition, current operating model assessment, and culturally relevant target operating model design.  Our efforts are guided by the understanding that the fundamental objective of military transformation is capability development and operational effectiveness vice reorganization.  Moreover, we recognize the critical role played by change leadership and are adept at structuring mechanisms to overcome institutional resistance and support transformation efforts. 

Culturally Informed International Collaboration

A dedicated focus on relationship building and management and understanding of our client’s cultural norms is an essential touchstone of our business.  Culture is the fundamental building block of identity and at LeoStrat we believe all aspects of that identity are instructive to building the close working relationship necessary to meaningfully inform our work and achieve desired results.  Our efforts are underpinned by an inclusive, collaborative approach that builds teamwork, promotes transparency, and complements a long-term relationship.

Lessons Learned and Trend Analysis

From the small-unit to enterprise-level, LeoStrat is experienced in every aspect of the lessons learned process.  We follow the proven practice of collect, process, analyze, disseminate, and archive and are adept at integrating lessons learned and trend analysis to inform efforts to improve resource management and increase operational effectiveness.  We incorporate lessons learned practices in all our internal activities and are well-qualified to ascertain the suitability of an organization’s practices and prescribe alternative approaches to optimize results.

Program Management and Integration

Our clients benefit from a strict adherence to PMI global standards of excellence.  LeoStrat program managers are supported in every phase of operations by an integrated organizational model that optimizes resource and capability utilization.  As well, we strive to enable our clients to leverage the linkage between programs, projects, and tasks to fully realize efficiencies and effectiveness.  LeoStrat’s adherence to the five phases of project integration management—initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing—ensure the synergy between knowledge area and processes are properly fused to optimum results. 

Political-Military Affairs and Interagency Coordination

Our rich professional backgrounds and broad practical experience in political-military affairs and the interagency process permits us to assess current programs and design strategies to keep pace with increasingly complex geo-political dynamics.  We understand the necessity of synchronization between departments and agencies to enable informed decision-making and facilitate effective interagency operations.  Our methodology accounts for the cultural differences and conflicting interpretations of strategic intent that sometimes undermine the unity of effort necessary for aligned military and diplomatic activities. 

Service, Joint, Combined, Coalition, and Alliance Operations and Planning

Practical experience in high-level assignments and participation in Joint, Combined, and Coalition operations around the world, underwrite LeoStrat’s capacity for complex operational planning.   Our methodology is founded on proven service, Joint, interagency, and international practices and the thorough analysis of goals, strengths, weaknesses, and interdependencies.  We deeply appreciate the importance of flexibility and adaptability and understand that harmonized planning is fundamental to resolving complex and constantly evolving crises. 

Executive Branch and Legislative Affairs

With extensive professional experience working in the executive and legislative branches in a variety of capacities, LeoStrat is well-qualified to design integrated framework encompassing policies and funding requirements to support operational and strategic goals for both government and private entities.  Our staff is particularly well-versed in matters relating to the national security apparatus and understand how the various departments and agencies and legislature should work together to achieve national objectives.

Senior Leader Support

Our Team has provided direct executive support to the most senior military, government, and business leaders for many decades.  Hand-selected as special assistants to senior leaders including POTUS, Department Secretaries, CJCS, COCOMs, and Service Chiefs, our Managing Partners comfortably operate at the highest levels and have addressed the most complex problems confronting the Nation.  They are uniquely qualified to provide cogent strategic assessment and planning, policy analysis and formulation, executive and legislative affairs, and strategic communications support to both domestic and international senior executives.

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