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Long ago, Leonidas of Sparta led a small band in selfless defense of their country against a vast invading army at the dusty Pass of Thermopylae.  Like many through the ages, we are humbled by their heroic example and inspired by the notion that a small group, boldly led, can achieve outsized results.  With that in mind, Leonidas Strategic Solutions provides tailored approaches and operationally responsive staffing models uniting recognized experts and resources to produce actionable solutions of the highest quality for even the most complex challenges.  Our solution sets are value-focused, efficient, and the product of thorough mission analysis.  Our efforts are framed by strict adherence to the highest ethical, moral, and professional standards which apply equally to every member of the enterprise.  As important, is our commitment to collaboration and harmonization of effort to build teamwork, ensure transparency, and promote long-term relationships with our clients and partners.  In the spirit of Leonidas, the planning and execution of all programs and projects are framed by the guiding principles described below. 

Our Guiding Principles

  • Accountability—We are unflinchingly responsible for our actions

  • Adaptability—We value flexibility and the capacity to adjust to changing circumstances

  • Cohesiveness—We appreciate the synergy of teamwork and emphasize unity of effort

  • Commitment—We are absolutely dedicated to our clients, partners, and the task at hand

  • Cultural Fluency—We understand cultural differences and reject templated solutions

  • Durability—We value resilience and the capacity to perform under pressure

  • Efficiency—We are firmly value-focused and pursue cost and resource effective solutions

  • Foresightedness—We are forward-looking and strive to anticipate and act accordingly

  • Innovation—We embrace creative approaches to solve complex problems

  • Mission Focused—We are results driven and deliver solutions that exceed expectations

  • Mobile—We will engage wherever and whenever necessary to get the job done

  • Responsiveness—We react quickly to the needs of our clients and partners

  • Resourcefulness—We solve difficult problems and emergent requirements efficiently

  • Trustworthiness—We are steadfast in our commitment to client confidentiality

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